Hello! I am Athanasios (shortened to Atha or Saki), the operater and owner of the website!

As a photographer rooted in the enchanting city of Thessaloniki and based in Hamburg, I constantly strive for the extraordinary. My focus lies particularly on the fascinating “blue hour,” that magical moment when the sky envelops itself in a gentle, soothing blue hue, casting the world in a magical light. In my artistic endeavors, I’ve not only specialized in the “blue hour” but also embraced the challenges of night and landscape photography. It’s a world full of contrasts and secrets. My primary goal is to ignite emotions and awe in viewers, inviting them to discover the beauty of the world alongside me and be enchanted by it.

Until recently, I worked as an accredited photographer for a renowned hotel chain. This experience has sharpened my eye for technical perfection and elevated my photographic skills to new heights. However, I’ve chosen to pursue photography solely as a passionate hobby now. For me, it’s not just about technical brilliance; it’s about the passion and the incomparable beauty I aim to capture in every moment.

A central tenet of my photographic philosophy is a deliberate departure from mainstream filters that merely follow fleeting trends and represent mass-produced imagery. I firmly believe that true beauty and authenticity are timeless and need not conform to transient fashions. Thus, my images are characterized by their distinctive authenticity and the deep connection I feel to each subject.

Explore the fascinating world of photography and experience an impressive WOW moment right in my online shop (Agora)!

From inspiring everyday snapshots to breathtaking landscapes, from Greece to Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Italy and Spain, all the way to Hungary, Turkey and Germany – my carefully selected photos are printed on high-quality canvas and presented in the style of an oil painting, giving them a unique touch. Dive into my versatile collection and adorn your spaces with artistic accents that create an original atmosphere. Discover my offerings now and find the alternative to conventional “classic photos” – unique, exclusive, and ready to embellish your home or other locations!

Enjoy exploring my works in the “Photofolio” section and benefit from convenient shopping in my online store. I warmly invite you to experience the world of photography in a new, inspiring way! Say goodbye to the mainstream and embrace the WOW experience that will enrich your spaces.

UNITEDPIXELS Photography - Capturing Uniqueness, Frame by Frame.

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